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About CAP

What is CAP?

The Creative Assistance Program is a Flat Rate or Pay Per Use design service provided by Lamar Graphics. CAP is consists of over 40 artists between two facilities in Baton Rouge, LA and Pensacola, FL. There are four main divisions: CAP Outdoor, DigiCAP, iSpots, and CAP Transit.

CAP Outdoor's primary focus is print outdoor. These include but are not limited to posters, bulletins and specialty products.

DigiCAP is responsible for the lion's share of LDD art. Most of this work is produced in the Pensacola facility located inside the Lamar Sales office. This segment of CAP is offered at no-cost to Lamar Plants.

iSpot Design requests are produced by designated artists in Baton Rouge and Pensacola. The programming and testing of iSpots is primarily done in Pensacola. Like DigiCAP, this service is also offered at no-cost.

CAP Transit consists of 7 designated artists and produce all in-house creative for Lamar Transit. Products range from standard bus bench and shelters to full wraps of buses and trains.

How long does it take?

  • • DigiCAP Requests - All requests received before Noon CST are completed by the end of the same business day. Requests received after Noon CST are completed by the end of the following business day.
  • • Print Requests - Requests received prior to 5pm CST are completed by the end of the following business day.
  • • Transit Requests - Requests received prior to 5pm CST are completed by the end of two business days.
  • • iSpot Requests - iSpot designs follow DigiCAP turnaround times. iSpot programming and test can take up to 5 business days depending on complexity. Please plan accordingly.
    CAP's typical business day is from 8:00am to 5:00-7:00pm CST (depending on the schedule).

CAP's business hours are from 8:00am to 5:00 CST, depending on the schedule. We will often stay late to finish the daily schedule.

We start the morning with Revisions to existing orders. We don't start new orders until the revisions are done. This is usually around noon. New Orders are worked on until completed.


Need something a little faster?

CAP is here to assist you with your Sales, especially when you're in a bind. If you need a faster than normal turn around on Digital Creative, contact the CAP Coordinator or your ASC to put a RUSH on your order. A verbal or emailed confirmation with the Traffic Coordinator or CSR of the rushed status is required.

See a Mistake?

We actually have a pretty good track record, but nobody's perfect. Should you come across a mistake or discover we left off part of your request, please call us immediately. Mistakes are corrected immediately, right over the phone.

How do you Place Order?

CAP Requests are ordered and distributed through the Lois Order Management System. Click the "Orders" tab above to log into Order Management. Click the "Lamar Login" button on the next page. The Art Request button is right on the main page once logged in. Click here for a walk through of the whole process.

How To Use CAP Place CAP Request Structure Mockups


CAP Offers a per piece or flat rate pricing structure. Lamar employees click the button below for pricing and a complete list of CAP services.

Pricing & Services (Lamar Employees Only)

Meet the CAP Artists

Back Row, Left to Right: Wes, Randy, Roland, Jerry, Nick L., Nick C., Mark, Merrit, Lindsay, Evie, Terry, Leanne, Krystal, Kenny. Front row, Left to Right: Darnell, Gavin, Sarah, Monica, Raven, Shannon, Claire, Meredith, Barb, Casey, Kylie.

Print & Digital - Baton Rouge

Mark Rankin - Creative Director
Barb Braud - Senior Art Director
Leanne Gayle - Art Director
Randy Wallis - Art Director 3D Specialist
Evie David - Senior Artist - Coordinator
Kenny Barrett - Senior Artist
Merrit Melancon - Senior Artist
Sarah Cullins - Senior Artist
Nick LeBlanc - Senior Artist
Aimee Falke Doty - Senior Artist
Wes Dion - Graphic Artist
Roland Paris - Graphic Artist
Terry Bourgeois - Graphic Artist
Krystal Harris - Graphic Artist
Mat Espinoza - Graphic Artist
Kody Louviere - Graphic Artist
Kris Bordelon - Graphic Artist
Shane Willis - Graphic Artist
Torie Christ - Graphic Artist
Kelli Jones Doughty - Graphic Artist
Taylor Fonseca Borgstede - Graphic Artist
Christina Tran - Graphic Artist
Demi Schaffer - Graphic Artist
Tanner Cook - Graphic Artist
Dustin Barrilleaux - Graphic Artist
Angel Chang - Graphic Artist
Jasmine Atkins - Graphic Artist
Mark Naquin - Graphic Artist
Caitlin Wade - Graphic Artist
Dalyn Roberts - Graphic Artist
Amy Fine - Graphic Artist
Camerron Kimble - CAP Coordinator
Jennifer Theriot - CAP Coordinator
Left to Right Namrata, Becker, Dee, Dillon, Lindsey, Matt, Chris, Joe, & Dana.
Left side, Bottom to Top: Namrata, Dee, Dana, Dillon, Joe. Right side, Bottom to Top: Becker, Lindsey, Chris, & Matt.

Digital & iSpots - Pensacola

Namrata Advani - Senior Art Director
Becker Mohanco - Senior Artist
Dillon Wyatt - Senior Artist
Dana Lua - Senior Artist
Lindsay Kearley - Graphic Artist
Jordan Sullivan - Graphic Artist
Amber Sidner - Graphic Artist
Sharmayne "Kay" Rogacki - Graphic Artist
Omar Banmally - Graphic Artist
Hannah Peltier - Graphic Artist
Decoby Askew - Graphic Artist
Laura Lopez - Graphic Artist
Darrian Montgomery - Graphic Artist
Matthew Snow - Digital Programming Specialist
Left to Right:James, Jay (& Chica), Sarah, Claire, Blake, Marques, Meredith, & Shelli.

Transit - Baton Rouge

Jay Watson - Art Director
Marques Butler - Senior Artist
Claire Estopinal - Senior Artist
Shelli Martin - Graphic Artist
Joey Blake - Graphic Artist
Brett Burke - Graphic Artist
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