Lamar Digital Display Templates

Setting up Digital Art

Color Mode

Digital Displays produce color through additive process, RGB, instead of the subtractive method, CMYK. Colorsare produced when adding varying amounts of red, green and blue. White is produced when all three colors are combined. In many cases, one color may slightly over power another, giving the whites on adigital display a tint of either red, green or blue. Black isthe total absence of color in this process and is usually displayed by the backing of the display. When creating black, make sure your values are R-0 G-0 B-0. Convert all PMS colors to RGB.

Color Matching

Create in RGB color Mode. Preferred color profile is sRGB.

Acceptable Formats

Save all RGB artwork as a .JPG, .PNG, or .BMP format at maximum quality. Submit the file to your Lamar representative for uploading.

*Design Tips

Rich, bold background colors work better during theday, while pastel backgrounds are more vibrant at night.

Choose one message or idea. The key to effectiveout-of-home is brevity. Choose graphic elementswith a strong focal point. Use readable fonts andcontrasting colors.

Auto Scale Templates

"Auto-Scale" Templates are designed to help maximize image quality and improve scalability across the Lamar Digital Network. Most displays fall into one of seven categories; Bulletin, Poster, Block (1:1), Third (1:3), Quarter (1:4), Median and OddbalL displays. Display specific templates are located at the bottom of this page.

The ASB template is used for most bulletin size displays (400h x 1400w). Fits Most: 14x48, 10x34, 10-6x36, 10x35, 12x42, 12x40, 12x41, 12x42, 13x45, 9x32.

The ASP template is used for most poster size displays (400h x 840w). Fits Most: 10x21, 20x40, 14x28, 12x25, 7x12, 12x24, and 11x23.

The ASK template is used for square displays (600h x 600w). Fits: 10x10, 20x20, 12x12, and 17x17.

The ASQ template is used for 1:4 ratio displays (400h x 1600w). Fits Most: 10x40, 10-10x40-8, 10x36, 10-6x36, and 6x20.

The AST template is used for our 1:3 displays (400h x 1200w). Fits: 20x60, 10x30, 14x40, and 8-4x25.

The ASM template falls between Bulletin and Poster sizes. (400h x 1000w). Fits: 20x50, 9-10x26-7, 14x36, 15x37, 8-6x22, and 9x20.

The ASL template is used for a small number of non standard ratio displays (625h x 1000w). Fits: 20x30, 7-10x13-9, 10x16, and 7x12.

Traditional Templates & Sizes

These are the Officially Released Lamar Digital Display templates built at actual pixel dimensions. Please download these templates and forward them to the clients as needed. Each template contains the required image dimensions and color space.

*Note: If the template is Auto Scale Compliant, it is best to use the Auto Scale Template located at the top of this page whenever possible. Doing so will ensure the design can be posted to any board in that size ratio, regardless of resolution.

Physical Size
Pixel Dimensions
Actual Size
10' 6" x 36'
128 x 464
10' 6" x 36'
144 x 528
10' x 30'
128 x 464
10' x 30'
144 x 432
10' x 30'
144 x 464
14' x 28"
176 x 368
14' x 40'
112 x 352
14' x 40'
176 x 352
14' x 48'
176 x 624
14' x 48'
200 x 704
14' x 48'
208 x 720
14' x 48'
260 x 888
14' x 48'
264 x 936
20' x 30'
256 x 936
20' x 60'
360 x 1128
10' x 10'
224 x 224
10' 6" x 22' 8"
160 x 336
10' x 21'
160 x 336
12' x 12'
176 x 176
12' x 25'
120 x 256
12' x 25'
160 x 336
12' x 25'
176 x 384
17' x 17'
256 x 256 Contact Us Disclaimer Terms of Service
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