Channel Lettering

Lamar Channel Letters are an effective way to get your client’s ad noticed. They are designed to grab the viewer’s attention by adding depth as a 3D element during the day and then an illuminated feature by night! A full color CMYK printed film is applied to the acrylic lens, so the color options are practically endless!

Out standard letters stands approximately 30” tall and 5 1⁄2” in depth, but custom sizes are also available. These Channel Letters come ready to be wired into the board’s power supply or SmartLink™ system. They can be installed above the board with additional hardware or bolted directly to the board face. Contact your Lamar Representative for details.

Channel Letter FAQ

  • How do I have artwork created to incorporate channel letters? Submit a standard CAP request and reference the LG preset letter sendout. 

  • How do I know if my CAP art is created with the “standard” channel letters? There will be a note on the CAP proof referencing (30” Standard LG Channel Letters). If a note is not listed contact your ASC to make sure your order qualifies for the standard rate.

  •  Can I see a mockup of my existing creative? Yes, contact your ASC.

  • Can the letters be in another font other than Gotham? Yes! Gotham or a very similar bold, sans-serif font would work. (As long as it is bold, not thin or condensed)

  • What is the Turn-Around Time for Channel Letters? Standard production time is 2-3 weeks once the production file has been received by Lamar Graphics.

  • What is the weight of the channel letters? The estimated weight is 30 lbs per letter. This is an estimate & weights vary per letter but will it not exceed 30 lbs. 

  • Can we order numbers or punctuation (! & ?) marks in the standard 30” channel letters? Yes, you can! These punctuation marks are the same price as a letter.

  • How will my channel letters ship and what’s the cost? The channel letters will either be shipped crated or in a FedEx freight box. This will be determined based on the number of channel letters ordered. Reach out to your ASC for a shipping quote when you have your design ready. 

  • Can we install channel letters on poster boards? Yes! They can be installed to the face or above a poster unit. Note, it is not recommended to drill into the frame of the poster unit.  

  • Can channel letters be installed on panel free boards? Yes, but the installation will require additional materials furnished by the plant. The additional cost of these materials are not included in our production cost. For more information, the plant’s Operations Manager should contact Charlie Peek or email your ASC.

  • What’s the warranty? We offer a 3 year warranty against structural failure and fading resulting from intended use and application. Damage due to improper installation, improper storage, or acts of God are not covered. Contact Us Disclaimer Terms of Service
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