To better serve our customers and streamline productivity, Lamar Graphics is committed to a successful Global Color Management Program. While the process is fairly simple, it requires following specific steps in order to work properly. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to set up a “Color Ready Workspace” on your PC or Mac.
Click the links to the right to download the Lamar Fuji Profile and Lamar Custom Color Palette to the corresponding program or programs you will be using. The installation instructions are located further down the page.
Current Downloads: Last Update 12/15/03

LG Photoshop Color Settings.csf
LG PMS PS (Photoshop)
LG PMS AI (Illustrator)
LG PMS Fuji 12-14-2005.eps (Others)
LG PMS CDR 01-01-03.cpl (Corel Draw)
LG PMS QXD 01-01-03.qxd (Quark)
LG PMS FH 01-01-03(A) and (B).bcf (Freehand)




Setting Up The Workspace (All Programs, PC & MAC)


You can also right click on the downloaded .ICM file and select "Install Profile" from the pop-up menu or Save in the following location:

98, 2000, XP
- C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color
NT - c:\winNT\system32\color
WinNT 2000 - c:\winNT2000\system32\spool\drivers\color

OS9: System Folder\ColorSync Profiles

OS10 & up: Users\"locate the specfic users' folder"\Library\ColorSync Profiles

**note if there are multiple users that need access to the profile; place a version of the .icm in each individuals folder**
This is a device profile. It is one of the most important components for accurate color management. Profiles are the building blocks of Color Management. They provide a reference for devices used in your workflow. By creating these reference profiles, you are able to adjust color throughout your workflow based on the unique characteristics of these devices.



Program Specific Palette Installation Instrucitons

Click the link below to see illustrated instructions on how and where
to load the corresponding color palette(s) for the program you plan to use.


Now why am I doing this again and how does this affect the artwork?

The purpose of working in a specific color space is to provide a “What you see is what you get” environment with respect to color.  By using production values, artists are able to see the finished product before the vinyl is printed.  Device Profiles restrict color gamuts to produce a constant color representation no matter which media or machine the file is eventually printed on. Any variables are dealt with by the profile, which automaticly adjusts to create a constant representation of color within a specific environment.


Things to Remember

Working in the Lamar Graphics CMYK color space.

1. When opening a file in Photoshop that is originally in a color space other than LamarFujiPictro color space but is in another color space:

 From within Photoshop select



Convert to profile

Destination space: LamarFujiPictro (Engine needs to be Adobe, Intent should be Relative Colorimetric and Use Black Point Compensation should be selected.

*Important - any color changes to the file, especially any PMS or Spot color Values, need to be done after the convert to profile step. Only after that step is the file in the proper color space.

2. When opening a file in Photoshop that is not in any color space (no profile used-not color managed) follow same steps as before. If an error message requires a profile to be assigned before you are able to convert, assign U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2. This is a standard Profile that is in Photoshop’s presets.

3. When dragging from a different color space into the LamarFujiPictro, there should be an error message asking you to preserve appearance or to preserve values. ALWAYS preserve appearance. Photoshop will then convert the values to represent the corresponding appearance in the proper color space.

4. If the file is RGB, follow step 2. the profile you will assign is ColorMatch RGB for MAC and SRGB for PC. Then convert to LamarFujiPictro.

If you would like more information about "Production Ready Art" or have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

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