At Lamar Graphics, we take great pride in our ability to consistently produce quality products for our customers. Our commitment to State of the Art “Color Management” techniques, and the use of custom Pantone equivalent CMYK colors and device specific profiles, allows us to continually generate color that is exactly what you expect, “the first go round.”


Spot Color - (Pantone Callouts)

The PMS "Spot-to-Process" guide is our reference standard. PMS callouts must be used to specify any and all spot colors. Fortunately, we have taken the guesswork out of what CMYK values to use for a given PMS call-out by creating custom swatch pallets for all the major graphics applications used in the industry today. To learn more or download these pallets click here.


Things to remember about calling out Pantone Colors

We suggest selecting a PMS color close to the desired output.

Difference between
Spot and Process.
If there is a large difference between the "Spot" and "Process" samples for a given color, this could indicate the color may not print as well using the CMYK process.In fact, many spot colors simply cannot be matched exactly using the CMYK process.
We cannot print any Metallic or Day-Glo colors.
Do not specify
CMYK values
Different devices print the same CMYK values differently
of PMS colors
Opacity values of PMS call-outs are impossible to verify.
Please include a legend of the desired PMS colors in your Reference FILE when applicable.

To order a PMS book, click here.