What is the purpose of a proof? The LG proof is a miniature representation of your final large-format output. Use the proof for color representation, object placement, spelling correctness, and to make certain that all elements have been included in your design. The primary "limitation" of a proof relates to resolution or "Crispness" of text. Your vinyl billboard will be printed at a much lower resolution than this proof. Text may appear "fuzzy" along the edges when viewed at close distances (15 feet or less). If this is unacceptable to you or your customer, DO NOT sign the proof approval. Rather, you should contact LG and request a higher resolution rendering of your image (cost and other related information for high resolution printing available on our website).

 What a signature on the approval form means: your signature on the Proof Approval Form (or a verbal proof as described below) and a check mark in the "Print it! This proof is Perfect!" box obligates an individual to accept and pay for the printed order, provided that order matches the approved proof within an acceptable range (as described below). It is the customer’s responsibility to determine whether the LG proof is a valid representation of your desired output (with the limitations noted above). From point of proof approval we will match the approved proof, not your original artwork. If we have not matched your original artwork, you should request a reproof from us until we do so.

 Image Resolution: your proofs are printed at a resolution of approximately 200dpi. The resolution of your final output from a large format printer is significantly less. Most vinyl orders are printed at a resolution of 9dpi (Vutek) or 150dpi (Blueboard). These are industry standard resolutions.

 Colors not specified: when colors are not specified on either the hard copy or the electronic file, color settings from the original electronic artwork will be reproduced by our prepress department and are reflected in the proof.

 PMS vs CMYK equivalents: PMS colors are a valuable reference and should be included whenever possible to help us understand which shade of color you wish to produce. However, we do not match PMS colors 100%. Rather, we create CMYK equivalents. It is possible for us to alter the CMYK values for your job; however, you may incur additional prepress charges.

 Design elements on the proof: all of the design elements on the proof will be present on the final output – including the registration marks.

 Print jobs require proof approval: LG offers two options for approving a proof, online approval or fax. As a rule, LG will not print a job without the customer’s approval and a check in the box that says "Print it! This proof is Perfect!"


            •Should a customer request an additional proof  which is the result of a change to the original artwork submitted to LG, the customer will be charged. Online reproofs will cost the customer $25.00 and hard copy reproofs $35.00.

             •If the reproof is required as a result of an inaccurate proof of the original customer artwork, LG will provide another proof at no additional charge

 •ALL reproofs and original proofs will ship via UPS overnight priority air service for delivery BY 10:30 am

Acceptable range: defined as one value increment up or down on the PMS color guide