Lamar Advertising Company Goes Green

How it Works...
Single Sheet Poster Single-sheet posters are installed using the side-bar posting method instead being glued to the face of the structure.
Single Sheet Poster Once the single-sheet posters are removed after service, they are rolled up and taken back to the local Lamar office.
Single Sheet Poster The local Lamar offices remove the installation bars, loosely fold the used single-sheet posters and set them aside.
Single Sheet Poster As posters are collected, they are either baled or palletized for easy transport to the recycling facility.
Single Sheet Poster These bales are then processed into small pellet sized granules of polyethylene ready to be reused in other products.
Single Sheet Poster Lamar's efforts alone will keep an estimated 1400 tons per year of non-recyclable, glue-on poster paper from reaching landfills.
Ready for Transport
Recycling Process
Reducing Landfills
Leading the Outdoor Industry by Using 100% Recyclable Materials for Billboards!

Baton Rouge, La. – July 18, 2008 - Lamar Advertising Company (Nasdaq: LAMR), a leading owner and operator of outdoor advertising and logo sign displays, is establishing a new, eco-friendly industry standard by initiating the use of 100% recyclable materials for outdoor advertising. By converting exclusively to the use of single-sheet 100% recyclable polyethylene (PE) printing substrates on its more than 60,000 poster-paper advertising structures, Lamar becomes the first and only outdoor company to transition completely from the use of paper to recyclable materials.

The use by Lamar of this new, revolutionary product will begin immediately and will replace 1,400 tons of non-recyclable, glue-on poster paper. The potential for the use of single-sheet posters industry-wide is the replacement of an additional 1,600 tons of non-recyclable paper. A recycling program is also being initiated by Lamar to organize the collection, recycling and re-use of the new PE materials.

These sweeping moves follow Lamar’s highly successful, three-year project to develop recyclable paper-replacement printing substrates, and comes on the heels of the recent announcement by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America that as of March 1, 2009, the outdoor industry will no longer accept paper posters.

Single Sheet Poster

To further enhance environmental sustainability, Lamar is also working to convert laminated PVC billboards to 100% fully recyclable polyethylene materials.

For more information about Lamar Advertising Company or its green initiative, contact Robert Switzer, vice president of operations, (850) 433-0024 or

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