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    Shelter Domination - Buffalo, NY

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    Bus Wrap

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    King Kong

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    Shelter Domination - Buffalo, NY

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    Full Back


Lamar Graphics also services the Creative and Prepress needs for Lamar's Transit Division across the U.S. and Canada. The Transit staff consists of seven Artists and four Prepress Technicians, and one Account Services Coordinator.

New TOM Training Materials

The new Transit Order Management training material can be found on HighSpot, keywords "TOM Training". (Lamar access only)

Send-out Materials: Templates and Specs

Transit Template Image

Signature Products

Signature Templates

These pre-made templates were created for a specific vehicle in any given market. They will contain an obstacles layer that will not print, but must be designed around.

Special Products

Special Templates

This type of template is created when a product does not fit exclusively into the Signature or Traditional categories. Often they originate from a Traditional product, but have obstacles that must be designed around.

Traditional Products

Traditional Spec Sheets

This product type does not contain obstacles and can be used on multiple vehicles. Instead of utilizing a template, these spec sheets give all the information needed to create your artwork from scratch.

Uploading Art

Art Uploader

Transit Art Uploader (Up to 600mb)

A six digit Lamar Graphics job number is required to upload art. This number can be provided by your Lamar Representative or ASC. All uploads are automatically moved to the associated job number. File size limit per upload is 600mb.


ftp2.lamargraphics.com (Up to 1gb)
username: artbox | password: obieart

Mac: Use Fetch (or other uploading software)
PC: Use Windows File Explorer
Compression can be used and is encouraged when using the FTP.

Meet the CAP Artists

Left to Right:James, Jay (& Chica), Sarah, Claire, Blake, Marques, Meredith, & Shelli.

Transit - Baton Rouge

Jay Watson - Art Director
Marques Butler - Senior Artist
Claire Estopinal - Senior Artist
Shelli Martin - Graphic Artist
Joey Blake - Graphic Artist
Brett Burke - Graphic Artist
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