How To: Snipes

Snipes are used to update, correct or cover areas on existing billboard advertisements. Snipes are typically printed on a sticky back material called Self Adhesive. The protective backing is removed on location and the snipe is applied to the advertisement like a giant sticker. This substrate differs from vinyl and paper products in absorbtion and surface treatment. It is not as shiny as vinyl yet not quite as matt as paper.

ExpandCreating and Sizing Snipes in Photoshop

This is an illustrated tutorial explaining the process of creating and sizing snipes in a Lamar Graphics Photoshop template.

ExpandPreparing Snipes for Submission to Lamar Graphics

The previous section describes how to create a snipe as well as how to calculate it's size. This next section takes Snipes one level further by setting the file up for the Ultra printing process. The Ultra Hi-res machines are used to print on the sticky back substrates. These Ultra Hi-res machines print at 36ppi, exactly 4 times higher resolution than the standard 9ppi of the original file.

ExpandSizing Snipes from Illustrator, InDesign and Quark

This tutorial will explain the conversion process of finding snipe sizes when using a Lamar Graphics template in Illustrator, InDesign & Quark. The process is the same, but the equation is a little different.

*The following screen shots are from Illustrator but the technique is the same in InDesign and Quark.
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