Mechanical Specs

The following specifications can be used when creating a production file for the vast majority bulletins and retrofit poster panels in Lamar's inventory. The mechanical specifications for each are explained below.



• Hold your design to the dimensions of the structure. The structure size represents the actual image area of the billboard.
• Bleed your background by 6” on all four sides. This makes the overall vinyl size 1’ larger than the image area in both height and width.
• The production facility should make 3” pockets on the back of the vinyl for installation. This does not change the overall size of the vinyl.

See illustration below.

Retrofit Poster Panels:

• Hold your design to 10’5” x 22’8”.
• Bleed your background by 3/4” on all four sides.
• Overall vinyl size (Final Size) can not be any larger than 10’-6.5" x 22’-9.5" or any smaller than 10’6 x 22’9. Any other size will not fit in the structure.
• The production facility should make 3” pockets on the back of the vinyl for installation. This does not change the Overall Size (Final Size) of the vinyl.

See illustration below:


Bleed is defined as image area extending beyond the billboard structure's live area. The bleed contains or continues the images and elements from the live area beyond what will be visible after installation. This bleed is wrapped around the edges of panels to hide the structures edges. Proper bleed also prevents any white areas or borders from being shown on the face of the board. Including bleed in your digital files sent for production is very important. It is much easier to account for bleed in the designing process than in the prepress end. Some bleed areas are very difficult to create once a design has been flattened. Please keep this in mind when preparing art for production at Lamar Graphics.

Standard Bleed on Bulletins: 6 Inches on all four sides.

The standard on Vinyl Bulletins is 6 inch bleed on all four sides. This equates to 54 pixels of bleed on the top, bottom, left and right of the digital files. The standard 6 inches of bleed required for production can be added to any hi-res file by just increasing your canvas size by 108 pixels in both height and width. This will provide the correct amount of bleed necessary for the product and will ensure your order will be processed in a timely manner.

Standard Bleed on Vinyl & PosterFlex Retros: 1 inch on all four sides.

The standard 1 inch bleed on this product differs from a bulletin's bleed. The 1 inch bleed on a Retro Vinyl actually tucks up in the silver trim area on the structure instead of wrapping around it like a bulletin. Size tolerances for Retro Vinyl Units are very small, so accurate art and finishing requirements are a must. It's a good idea to use one of our templates on these products.

Standard Bleed on Poster Units: No Bleed

Since poster units are applied directly to the surface of the Poster Unit, no bleed is required.


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